Hardwood Flooring Borders & Inlays

​Borders within a hardwood floor can create a truly custom design appeal throughout your home or business. The strongest impact a border can have is to define a room or space – breaking up the rooms and creating a more visually attractive flow. Hardwood borders and inlay design customization is a way to turn those beautiful hardwood floors into a work of art.

​Visualize your space in a new way by adding a hardwood floor border to your home or business for a unique look and style. Floor borders help to enhance the look of your home or business, by either creating a hardwood floor with a contrasting border or matching the floor border trim exactly. Borders can be big and bold or refined and complex. It all depends on your tastes and preferences. You can select the thickness, type of wood and more to create a look that is all your own!

​​Is Customization Expensive?

​​There's no reason to beat around the bush here. Hardwood ​customization isn't cheap. This process is more time consuming and the cost reflects that.

​Our expert craftsmen are able to create beautiful patterns and designs into any hardwood floor. With decades of experience, they have the knowledge and ability to bring to life what customers have in mind.

Also, we can help design a floor border that is unique to your space.

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​Wood floors are an integral component of our building success. Old World Hardwood Floors delivers for my customers and me time and time again. We have had the joy and privilege of working side by side with Randy Waters for many years. The quality and professionalism he and his crew exhibit will exceed your expectations. He will bring to your home or place of business another secret to your success. His products will bring the look and ambiance you’re looking for.

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