​Frequently Asked Questions

​Hardwood Floor FAQs

  • ​Which Type Of Finish Is Best For My Floor?

​At Old World Hardwood Floors, we offer a wide variety of finishes and sheens. We use Masterline, PoloPlaz, and Bona, all of which are an oil based finished. We also offer Bona Traffic High-Durability (HD) which we recommend for floors that will have a lot of traffic on them. Sheens come in satin, matte, and semi-gloss. Satin is the most popular because it has some sheen, but doesn’t look too glossy. Matte finish has very little sheen and a flat finish, giving your floor a clean look. Semi-gloss is recommended for those who prefer shinier finishes.

  • ​Do You Offer Dustless Sanding & Refinishing?

​Yes. Using our commercial dust containment system with HEPA filters, we will strip the existing coating and stain back to the original raw wood. This refinishing process is used to change the color of the wood or when there are scratches and other signs of wear to the flooring.

  • ​How Do I Pick My Stain Color?

Stain samples will be shown directly on your floor. Your sign-off will be required before we stain your entire floor. We have found this to be the most accurate way to show color options. Most of the time we can schedule this activity on the first day of the refinishing process. If you have samples that you would like to have us match, please provide them ahead of time and we can work on the color match in our shop prior to the start of your project.

  • ​How Long Does Each Service Typically Take?
  • Refinishing – three to five days depending on size, stain, and chosen finish
  • Installation — We typically install 500 to 600 square feet each day
  • ​Our estimators will provide a project plan once the scope is approved and ready to be scheduled.
  • ​Will You Move My Furniture?

Our employees do not move furniture because of the liability. We have partnered with professional moving companies that can move your contents in and out of the house. You will need to provide garage space or a POD (portable storage). We will coordinate the moving company and schedule their services.

  • ​Do You Offer A Warranty Or Guarantee?

Yes. Ask us for a copy of our warranty​.

  • ​How Do I Maintain My Hardwood Floors?

​Upon request, we provide our clients with a hardwood floor cleaning kit once our work is complete.

  • ​When Can I Walk on My Floors and Move Furniture Back In?

Most of our finishing systems require 2-3 hours of dry time before you can walk on them with sock feet. However, the cure time can vary significantly. Our fastest curing finish is a two-component water-based urethane that requires approximately 5 days to fully cure. Our popular conversion varnish finishing system is a bit slower and won’t fully cure for 30 days. Most of the time we recommend a 48-hour window to allow the finish to setup before moving the furniture back into place with felt pads. Area rugs will need to wait until the finish has fully cured.

  • ​Why Does My Floor Cracks Or Gaps?

It is not uncommon for floors to develop cracks, especially wider planks, because wood naturally expands and contracts in correlation to the relative humidity fluctuations from season to season. The ​Oklahoma City area can go through some pretty drastic RH swings from season to season. Small cracks usually form in the winter when the RH drops and floors will often expand and potentially cup during the summer months when the RH is at its highest point. We recommend installing a humidification system on your furnace to inject moisture into your home’s environment during the winter months and potentially a dehumidifier during the humid summer months to suck moisture out of the air. Maintaining a consistent humidity level throughout the year will keep the expansion and contraction to a minimum.

  • ​What Can I Do About My Squeaky Floors

Here in the Midwest, our wood floors are subjected to drastic humidity changes throughout the year. It is not uncommon as the wood expands and contracts for the hardwood planks to loosen a bit. The most common cause for a squeaky floor is an improperly fastened sub-floor or commodity grade sub-floor panels that do not have much holding power for the fasteners. Usually we can eliminate the squeaks by securing the sub-floor into the floor joists to minimize movement. This can be accomplished by using trim screws through the face of the planks or if the basement is unfinished, we can secure the sub-floor to the joist from below using shims, adhesives, or screws.

What Are Some of the Common Causes of Subfloor Squeaks?

  • ​What Are The Benefits Of Hardwood Floors Over Other Flooring Options?

The biggest benefit is the lifespan. Hardwood floors never go out of style. A hardwood floor can last for decades with proper care. It can also be refinished or re-coated over and over.

No other type of flooring offers the warmth and beauty of hardwood. Wood flooring enhances the design of any room and its timeless beauty will increase in value throughout the years. Hardwood floors are easy to maintain. With new technology in stains and finishes cleaning takes little more than sweeping and/or vacuuming, with the occasional use of a professional cleaning product for wood floors.

Wood floors are ecologically friendly and healthier than other flooring. Since wood is a natural resource, it is renewable and recyclable. Many old wood ships, warehouses, barns, and other structures are getting a second life as rustic wood flooring. And, because wood is smooth, it does not collect dust and other allergens, so many leading health associations agree that wood floors are the better option for a healthy home.

Wood floors are affordable. When you look at the longevity of a wood floor vs. other types of flooring, wood just can’t be beaten. True, the initial costs of a hardwood floor may be higher than other floor coverings but they won’t maintain the beauty and value of hardwood floors. Wood floors will last a lifetime.

Wood floors offer variety. There are hundreds of styles, colors and species of wood floors available today. From traditional oak to rustic pine to trendy Bamboo, you’re sure to find the floor that fits your style.

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